TankTankTank Multiplayer Wii U


I’ve been playing some of the Wii U TankTankTank multi-player game and it is actually not as bad as people say. The problem I guess is that people are expecting something that this game is not. There is no in depth story line, character development or anything to keep you interested for a long time. It’s an arcade game convert for quick play and it does this in multi-player very well.

The game is available for free on the eshop but this is limited to 3 plays per day, not starting the game 3 times but limited to 3 stage sessions. To unlock unlimited play time you have to purchase any one of the download packs from the eshop, this is not a problem as some only cost a few US dollars. I’ve seen on youtube someone complaining about the controllers not being responsive enough but I find this not to be true. Have they ever played any other tank game, tank games usually have lag in their movement but in TankTankTank they are quick and easy to get around. Controls are a little too simple with just movement and 1 shoot button. The best thing about the game is really the multi-player aspect, it is really easy to get a 4 player session going with the gamepad and 3 Wii motes which makes it a good party game. Also no need to explain controls to new players as it is that simple. You do however have to have a internet connection available to start the game but since you had to download the game in the first place this shouldn’t be a problem.

For some quick arcade shoot-em up fun, TankTankTank is a good choice especially for a gathering of people. However this is not the game to get if you were looking for something to play the whole weekend. If you have a Wii U then you can download and play this arcade game for free and if you don’t like it simply delete it, a win win situation. Only wish they had more free games on eshop.

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