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aioI’ve been testing different Remote Pc control apps so that I can control my Pc from my tablet, yes I’m lazy like that. In my research the best app that I found is AIO remote!

All In One Remote is a smart remote control application that lets you control your computer remotely through WIFI , Bluetooth from your Android phone / tablet with a huge set of features. Installation is fairly simple, just install the app from the Android Play store, then Go to and download the server app and install it on your PC. Start the app and connect it to the IP address of the PC where you installed the server or you can automatically scan for it. Once connected you can use your tablet screen as a touchpad like on a notebook to control your mouse cursor. It also has a gamepad that you can adjust for playing roms on your PC. Also some media control apps like the popular VLC, this is great when watching movies, you can pause and control everything without having to get close to the mouse and keyboard.

Great app and it’s for free, definitely recommend this for people who like to use their PCs as a media entertainment system connected to a big screen.

Below is the developer listed features:

Key Features:
0- Control any app ever. You can create your own custom remotes.
0- Online Remotes Gallery: upload your custom remotes and download remotes created by users around the world.
1- Wifi and Bluetooth supported (Mountain Lion has issues with Bluetooth).
2- Linux, windows and mac supported.
3- Remote File Manager: Browse your files remotely and open files and programs on your computer.
4- Touch screen mouse control with multi touch support and drag support.
5- Keyboard control with swype keyboard support(Beta).
6- Powepoint control.
7- Game controller with 8 buttons, 8 directions and multi-touch support.
8- Game Pad designer: Add any number of buttons – delete buttons – resize buttons – change buttons position – change keyboard mapping.
9- Multi player support: play with your friends with different mobile phones as game pads. 4 players supported (WiFi only).
10- Tablet support: because you can resize and re position buttons anywhere on your screen.
11- Control PC applications (Windows media player, Media player classic, Winamp, VLC, Banshee, Totem ).Note: applications should be active.
12- Languages supported: (English, Arabic). More languages will be added.
Note: Make sure that your PC bluetooth hardware is supported:

1- Java SE Runtime Environment.
2- WiFI or Bluetooth.

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