A different and interesting platformer on IOS iTunesArtwork@2x IMG_0156 IMG_0157 Our hero Faanjie is off to save his Faajie but discovers her frozen in a magic crystal. Can you complete the challenges to set her free? An indie game made by 1 person, which would be me, I played many platformer games “fun research” before starting this project. There are some excellent platformer games if you have a gamepad such as Battle Block Theatre or Super Meat Boy on Steam. However I felt many on the Apple store platform games were lacking. Often the virtual controls were too low on the screen which left your hands cramping. Nubmu is targeted at the iPad and gameplay has been tested all the way through development on a iPad2.

Pressing left on screen moves left, right of screen moves right top of screen jump straight up. however pressing a little more top right of screen jumps to the right and the opposite for the left. This makes the game far more touch screen friendly and gives the control you need for challenging levels. Also the ability to pick up certain blocks, use mounts and perform actions sets nubmu apart from the rest.

Release is early September 2014, please support Nubmu on Apple iTunes store :)

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